Simple Classy Dreadlock Updo


This updo is a slight variation from our Simple Dread Bun tutorial.

First take 3 dreadlocks from each side underneath and make 2 plaits.

Leaving the 2 plaits out put the rest of your hair up into a bun.

To get all that hair into a bun, go to put your hair in a pony tail using an elastic, but don't pull the hair all the way through, so it's doubled up with the ends hanging out. Then wrap the ends around the elastic and tuck them in wherever they reach around.

See images below.

The key is a good dread elastic. You can find the one we use here.

Now wrap the 2 plaits you left out around the bun, one from each side and tuck them in wherever they reach. Tuck in any loose dreads and you're done!

Goodluck and enjoy!

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