Aqua Sari Silk SpiraLocks

Aqua Sari Silk SpiraLocks

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SpiraLocks Sari Bendable Wire Dreadlock Tie

SpiraLocks are the most simple, effective, safe, ethical and funkiest tie you will ever use in your locks! 

  • Colour: "Aqua"

  • Various Lengths

  • 40cm for short, new or thin dreads

  • 50cm for medium dreads

  • 60cm perfect for thick, mature, long dreads and dread buns and up styles

  • Materials: sari silk, cotton, wire,

  • Simple and effective for your dreadlocks.


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The SpiraLock is made using an inner bendable wire core which can easily be wrapped around any size dreads comfortably and securely. They cause no damage to your dreads and hold firm all day without causing tension headaches from pulling. When not in use, they can double as a simple bangle for easy reach. 

Created by Peta and Helen from SpiraLocks, the Original bendable wire dread tie.

Dreadlock Hairstyles - featuring Spiralocks, the original bendable wire dreadlock tie.