Linda, owner of 46 dreads, began selling dread beads on eBay as a hobby back in 2005 to small number of dreadheads. Dread beads were super hard to come by back then!

From our humble beginning we have sold hundreds of thousands of beads to tens of thousands of customers and sent them to over 80 countries!

What a journey!

13 years has seen us grow our range to over 100 beads and bring you trusted dreadlock products that compliment natural dread care.

Teaming up with other like minded dread folk such as SpiraLocks and Organic Dreadlocks to bring you the best products out there while supporting local business.

When we find a product we love, we know you'll love it too!

Dreadlocks are a part of our life. We'd love to be part of your journey.

If you have any questions about dread beads, dread care or dreadlocks in general don't hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

You can also check out our FAQs page.